Watch: #Disrupt2017: An NWP open mic night adventure

This is a story about an intersectional feminist open mic night — a night that took place not too long ago in a faraway land called Tkaronto.

It was the evening of November 19, 2017. A Sunday. We'd grown weary of the expectation that as women (including and especially IBPOC and LGBTQ folks), we should just stay quiet and smile to keep old straight cis white dudes happy.

"Fuck that. It's time to disrupt the status quo!"

The ground shook.

It was time to act. 

It was time to be loud.

It was time to take up space.

So we met in an enchanted lounge called Less Bar, and watched performance after stunning performance.

Slam poets, singers and comics! Oh my.

Some performers made us laugh until we peed our pants.

And every performer stole our hearts.

We disrupted the shit out of that space, and that was only the beginning.

Our performers made themselves heard. They owned that space. And they cast a spell — the effects of which we're still discovering.

Watch the official #Disrupt2017 playlist to discover it yourselves!